StandortCuxhaven occupies a key position for a large number of markets thanks to its extremely favourable location at the mouth of the river Elbe. Cuxhaven is a forward-looking business site and is located right next to one of Europe’s most important shipping routes. No locks hinder direct access to the North Sea at the port, which is situated next to a broad expanse of water that can accommodate sea-going vessels.

The port’s outstanding seaside and landside connections, e.g. the daily ferry link to Great Britain, is another advantage for Cuxhaven. The port is also capable of handling all RoRo (roll on roll off) and LOLO (lift on lift off) consignments.

Cuxhaven is a maritime port with a long history and has shown great commitment and used its broad-based expertise for several years in adapting to the demands of the market place as an offshore base port for the German state of Lower Saxony. Politicians and the energy sector have set the goal of generating a considerable share of future power needs by operating environmentally-friendly wind turbines off the north German coast because of the dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

The private sector and the state government in Lower Saxony have invested more than one hundred million Euros during the past few years to resolutely prepare for and press ahead with establishing the necessary structures next to the Kugelbake beacon and at other seaports in Lower Saxony.