New Silk Road: Closing the gap to Great Britain via Cuxhaven

HWG member DFDS establishes connection between China and UK

copyright: DFDSCuxhaven, 22 November 2018 - China's mega project, the New Silk Road, is to intensify international trade between Asia and Europe in the long term through a stronger infrastructure. The project also offers new opportunities for the Port of Cuxhaven. Due to the increasing demand in the United Kingdom for goods from China, the HWG member DFDS A/S has now established the last link of the transport chain between Great Britain and China via Cuxhaven. DFDS organises and carries out the onward road transport to the Cuxport terminal of goods arriving from China in Hamburg by rail, as well as the following sea transport from Cuxhaven to Immingham.

The HWG member DFDS currently operates the route from Cuxhaven to the United Kingdom with the ships "Jutlandia Seaways" and "Stena Foreteller". The frequency is five to six departures per week, depending on the cargo volume, with a transit time of 20 to 22 hours. The flows of goods from China mainly come from the Zhengzhou region in central China. But there is also demand for transport services in the other direction from England via Cuxhaven to China. The goods are currently mainly supplier parts from the automotive sector.

"The connection is very well received. In our concept, the customer has only one contact for the entire journey from Hamburg to delivery in England and this has gained approval in the market," explains Marcus Braue, Branch Manager of DFDS Germany ApS & Co. KG in Cuxhaven.

After the start in 2008, it took some time before the train connection between China and Europe was established. However, according to estimates by Deutsche Bahn, around 90,000 containers, a hundred times as many as in 2011, will be moved on the line in 2018. DFDS also expects the volume of rail traffic between China and continental Europe to increase further.

"We are planning to further expand this interesting business segment, so that we can offer our customers real added value due to our short transit time and high frequency. Also with the background of the threat of ‘Brexit’ and the required additional capacities in unaccompanied transport, we see ourselves very well positioned together with our partners on both sides," adds Marcus Braue.



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