The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) is mastering the challenges of the coronavirus crisis together

DFDS, an HWG member, returns to 5 weekly freight departures

Petunia Seaways_Copyright_DFDSCuxhaven, 6 July 2020 – As of this week, two RoRo vessels will again be operating five weekly departures on the scheduled cargo service between Cuxhaven and Immingham. With this, the Danish shipping company and HWG member DFDS is returning to its previous routine, which it interrupted in April due to coronavirus. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the port of Cuxhaven remained fully operational and it is now expecting increasing cargo volumes in the coming months.

With the deployment of its two Ro/Ro ferries, PETUNIA SEAWAYS and, from 8 July, additionally BELGIA SEAWAYS, the Danish shipping company DFDS A/S has upped its overall freight capacity by over 70 percent. “The cargo volumes between Germany and Great Britain, in particular as it relates to new vehicle shipments, are once again increasing. We are therefore happy to return back to normality and offer our customers almost daily departures,” said Ortolf Barth, Route Director at DFDS. In April, DFDS reduced its schedule between Cuxhaven and Immingham to three departures with just a single ship.

The Cuxhaven Port Association quickly and flexibly adjusted to coronavirus measures, which included capacity reductions in some markets, but especially in Great Britain. The transport route via Cuxhaven proved to be particularly robust and it was possible to operate both continuously and without disruption, especially because goods moving overland did not need to cross borders and were, therefore, entirely free from disruptions at border crossing points. This once again cemented Cuxhaven’s role as an important entrepôt for disruption-free transport to England.

“The Cuxhaven Port Association and its member companies have, with the help of their employees, done everything necessary to sustain the supply chain. The processing of ships and landside transshipment activity was coordinated actively with all participants and executed in a flexible manner. Despite the restrictions on public life, it was and is assured that ongoing operations can be carried out without disruption or limitations,” said Hans-Peter Zint, chairman of the Cuxhaven Port Association.

Jeden Tag verlässt eine Nacelle das Werk in Cuxhaven. Fotograf: Ulrich WirrwaCargo handlings in the offshore and onshore energy sectors are also hardly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Production is stable and continuing at HWG member company Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE). “Luckily, the impact of the coronavirus has been milder for us than we expected. We did not need to halt production, did not order furloughs and our supply chain remained intact,” said Anton Bak, the site manager of Siemens Gamesa in Cuxhaven. He added: “Nevertheless, early on, we launched a large number of security measures and regulations. Amidst this crisis, we’re witnessing the excellent cooperation between the various involved companies in the port.”

The SGRE site of Cuxhaven is a central element in the production network of the German-Spanish wind power manufacturer and is slated to take part in producing the next generation of turbine models. For 2022, mass production is planned of both the ten and 11 megawatt models. Beyond this, starting in 2024, the machinery casings for new mega-turbines with up to 14 megawatts of capacity will be produced in Cuxhaven.


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Further information on the Cuxhaven-Immingham schedule can be found here:


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