Cuxhaven Port Association members transport tower sections for wind park to Esbjerg by ferry

Cuxhaven, 12 May 2014 – DFDS is now also using the RoRo vessel “Ark Germania” for special transport services involving components for wind parks in the north of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The shipping company with its headquarters in Copenhagen and the terminal operator Cuxport, which are both members of the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG), are jointly transporting tower sections to Esbjerg via Cuxhaven in cooperation with the heavy-duty logistics specialist, Universal Transport, based in Paderborn. The repair work on the Rahder motorway bridge means that consignments have to be transported to Denmark and back to Germany by sea.

The “Ark Germania,” which is 195 metres long and more than 30 metres wide, was built in Stralsund and has just been put into service. In future, it will operate on the Esbjerg – Immingham route and in addition will dock at Cuxhaven every two weeks in order to pick up the heavy-duty trucks with the wind park components. It docked at Cuxport’s RoRo ramp, which is capable of handling heavy loads, for the first time in the early hours of 12 May. Ten special vehicles operated by Universal Transport made their way onto the ferry via the RoRo ramp; the vessel has space for 185 trucks on 3,000 lane metres. The “Ark Germania” and “Jutlandia” will alternately head for Cuxhaven every week now. A sister ship of the “Ark Germania” will replace the latter in the near future; it was also built in Stralsund and DFDS is currently preparing it for service at Odense in Denmark. The two vessels have been built to operate in line with the Sulphur Emission Control Area Order, which comes into force in 2015, as they are easy to retrofit with “scrubbers”. These reduce sulphur oxide emissions. Space was reserved during the construction work to accommodate them at a later stage.

Tim-Oliver Sachweh, Deputy Manager for Automotive & Project Logistics, says, “With the “Ark Germania”, we’ll be able to respond to challenges like the current one in a more flexible way in future. Today’s consignment went off without a hitch. We have plenty of experience in handling shipments of this kind at Cuxhaven and we form a skilled team along with our partners Cuxport and Universal Transport.” The first consignment of tower sections was already shipped to Esbjerg in October last year.

The journey to Denmark by sea takes about eight hours. The tower sections are then transported by truck at least 200 kilometres to the wind park construction site; the trucks then return to Cuxhaven and take on board other components. As many as twelve heavy-duty truck units, each with a total weight of 180 tonnes, can be shipped on the DFDS cargo ferries each time.

About HWG
The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) is an association of Cuxhaven companies, institutions and private individuals aimed at marketing and further developing the port site at the mouth of the river Elbe. The HWG is also campaigning to make Cuxhaven the most important port for offshore wind power in Germany.

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