Cuxhaven: HWG elects new chairman

Cuxhaven, 6 March 2014 – The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) has a new president: Hans-Peter ZInt (Cuxport GmbH) has taken over the position of chairman for the organization. His deputy will be Cuxhaven’s mayor Dr. Ulrich Getsch.

For the past two years, Dr. Andreas Schmidt had been leading the HWG as chairman. At the 184th meeting of the board on 5 March 2014, Schmidt did not run for the position again. The successor and his deputy, Hans-Peter Zint and Dr. Ulrich Getsch, received a unanimous vote.

Hans-Peter Zint is the managing director of Cuxport GmbH. After his election as chairman of the HWG, he thanked his predecessor on behalf of the board: “Under the leadership of Dr. Andreas Schmidt, the HWG has become an important voice for Cuxhaven’s concerns. Hosting our own trans-regional events, such as the 3rd CuxDay in Hannover, and developing an extensive media presence, we were able to strengthen and broaden the public’s awareness of the port of Cuxhaven.”

Hans-Peter Zint went on by talking about the HWG’s goals for the future: “The most important task will continue to be the promotion of Cuxhaven’s overall potential for the maritime industry, focussing especially on the traditional multi-purpose and RoRo- activities next to the great facilities developed to serve the offshore wind energy. In addition to the further development of these, traditional businesses, for example in the fishing industry need to be supported as well. Moreover, under my leadership the HWG will continue to foster the good co-operation with policy makers and the maritime administration. In this context, it is important to ensure that the common interests of Cuxhaven’s maritime industry regarding maintenance, completion and new construction our port infrastructure as well as of the related hinterland connections are considered appropriately.”

About HWG
The Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) is an association of Cuxhaven companies, institutions and private individuals aimed at marketing and further developing the port site at the mouth of the river Elbe. The HWG is also campaigning to make Cuxhaven the most important port for offshore wind power in Germany.

Copyright Foto: Cuxport GmbH/B. Schlüsselburg

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