A good investment of public funds

The Cuxhaven Port Association presents the local economy at the Seamen’s Mission

Copyright: Oliver Fuhljahn

In the course of the general member meeting of the German Seamen’s Mission Hannover on 14 May 2019, the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) was invited to present the port of Cuxhaven. Oliver Fuhljahn, the chairman of the Promotional Association of the Seamen’s Mission and Head of Automobile Logistics at HWG member Cuxport, gave an overview of the port’s infrastructure and its transport connections as well as the activities, possibilities and challenges of the companies situated there.

During his presentation, Oliver Fuhljahn indicated that the continued investments and expansion projects in Cuxhaven have made it one of the most important offshore ports in Germany and Europe. Renowned production sites for components of offshore wind park installations have been situated in Cuxhaven such that the port is now established as the ‘German Offshore Industry Centre’.

Further to this, in the traditional port industry sector, roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) traffic and automobile cargoes are the most important. Alongside the heavylift capacities, these specialisations were further strengthened with the opening of berth no. 4 at the Cuxport terminal. Together with a multitude of actors from maritime government offices, shipowners and port service providers, Cuxhaven is a center of maritime competencies on the mouth of the Elbe river.

In spite of the good connections, the port of Cuxhaven faces some challenges, Oliver Fuhljahn emphasized. During his lecture, he said: “As a port on the mouth of the Elbe river, Cuxhaven offers a variety of international connections, for example to Britain and Scandinavia. But on account of the specialisation on UK traffic, the port and all involved actors must intensively deal with topic of Brexit. In spite of many uncertainties, Cuxhaven’s companies have made all necessary preparations and have adjusted their IT systems as well as trained employees.”

In conclusion, Oliver Fuhljahn once again emphasized the importance of the Seamen’s Mission and expressed his thanks for its engagement. In Cuxhaven, the Seamen’s Mission is today also supporting the Promotional Association of the Seamen’s Mission. The association was established in 2016 with 30 members. It works together with the Seamen’s Mission and pursues the goal of supporting its projects and enhancing its public perception. Thus, last year, for the first time, the Promotional Association of the Seamen’s Mission, with the support of the HWG, organised a Christmas truck complete with Christmas trees, which visited the ships harboured in Cuxhaven on Christmas Eve and distributed gifts to crews.


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