Progress in Closing Berth Gaps in Cuxhaven

NPorts starts official plan approval procedure for berths no. 5-7

Animation der Liegeplätze 5-7. Copyright: Niedersachsen Ports

Between the Cuxport terminal and the Offshore Base in Cuxhaven, three further berths are set to be built in the future. The preparations for this have now been taken a step further with port operator Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) handing in the official documents for the plan approval procedure to the responsible government authority. The next step is the planning and zoning determination procedure.

Even today, berths no. 1 through 3 in Cuxhaven are fully utilized. For September 2019, it is anticipated that berth no. 4, recently inaugurated, will also be used to its full capacity. For this reason, NPorts did not delay in preparing plans to close the gaps with berths no. 5-7. The overall length of the planned berths is 1,257 meters. Behind these, about 28 hectares are available as handling and storage area. Once the gap is finally closed, the overall contiguous length of the quay wall from berth no. 1 to berth no. 9, will measure 3.6 kilometers.

NPorts managing director Holger Banik praised the developer’s progress: “The team in Cuxhaven has performed very well during this tough phase and has really pushed forward on closing the gap.” First, NPorts obtained various expert opinions, including a simulation survey regarding ship maneuvers and a geological survey to assess the ground’s ability to sustain the quay construction. Even the influence of the construction on the environment was taken into account – an environmental impact report, a landscape survey and accompanying plan and an ornithological survey have been compiled. As an environmental compensatory measure for the construction, NPorts has already acquired 65 hectares of land.

All documentation has now been provided to the Lower Saxony State Authority for Maritime Economy and Coastal and Natural Protection at the Lüneburg office for the purpose of carrying out the completeness assessment. Right now, the port operator assumes that the so-called planning approval will be issued within the next two years. Then, a Europe-wide bidding procedure for the operation of the terminal and a European Union notification procedure will be carried out, after which the construction may commence.


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