Spotted at the Port: Christmas Truck Ahoy!

Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG) members and the Seamen’s Mission Cuxhaven are bringing Christmas gifts to sailors

copyright: Oliver Fuhljahn

It’s common that ships are berthed in port or being loaded or unloaded on Christmas Eve. After all, these ships make it possible for gifts to arrive under our trees and for food to be ready on time for Christmas Eve dinner. To this end, sailors accept that they may not be home with their families over the holidays – but rather, only after they return home from Cuxhaven.

It can be fun, nevertheless, to celebrate Christmas at the port, as the Seamen’s Mission Cuxhaven knows. Together with the companies Dabrock and Cuxport and with the support of the HWG, this year, a special surprise was devised: Together, they decorated a dark green Land Rover as a ‘Christmas Truck’, even including a complete, decorated Christmas tree, stickers and gift packages. The vehicle, the light chains, the tree and the gifts were sponsored by the Friends of the Seamen’s Mission, the HWG and the companies Cuxport and Niemczyk as well as Dabrock Werbung in Wingst, who donated the labor to install the overprint on the truck.

Together, on a Christmas mission, the employees drove through port on 24 December and distributed the gifts to the crews of eleven ships who were berthed in Cuxhaven over the holidays. The children of seamen’s deacon Martin Struwe provided musical entertainment on board by singing to the accompaniment of flute tunes. The Christmas tree, donated by Niemczyk, was handed over to the crew of the ship “HYDROGRAPH” and brought on board in a festive ceremony.

“There is no replacement for a Christmas celebration with your own family,” said Oliver Fuhljahn, a member of the extended board of the HWG and co-organizer of Operation: Christmas Truck. “But we hope that our efforts brought joy to a few faces and that we helped to get through the wait time until the sailors are able to return home to their loved ones.”


Copyright: Oliver Fuhljahn Copyright: Oliver Fuhljahn

Copyright: Oliver Fuhljahn



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