International delegations visit Cuxhaven

HWG member Cuxport promotes its offshore project handling capacity

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Again and again, international delegations visit Cuxhaven to learn about the portside infrastructure available for the handling of offshore wind park projects. In September, both a Japanese and an Indian group were hosted by the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG). Early on in September, six representatives of electrical power plant operator Kyuden Mirai Energy from Kyushu in southern Japan, who started developing an Offshore-Wind project, attended an information gathering trip regarding possibilities for transshipment and warehousing of enormous, extra-heavy offshore components. Likewise, near the end of September, eight delegates from the Indian state of Gujarat visited the port of Cuxhaven.

Cuxport general manager Michael de Reese and HWG’s chairman Hans-Peter Zint illustrated the specific capacity of the Port of Cuxhaven with a reference to the special and unique infrastructure capable of offshore and other heavy lift project handling: “Cuxhaven has focused on heavy lift and project cargo by making appropriate investments in infrastructure and equipment. The heavy lift-capable berths and platforms and the heavy lift road which provides a connection between the berths means that the entire port is usable for storing and transshipping project cargo.”


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