New interns for NPorts in Cuxhaven

4th “Internship Day” on 9 August

copyright: nports/andreas burmannOn 1 August 2018, 18 new interns started their internships at the port company Niedersachsen Ports. The total number of next-generation skilled workers currently there is now up to 56, which is two more than in the previous year period. The new workers are being trained to be electricians or industrial technicians; however, there is also a future commercial office clerk on board.

In the NPorts office in Cuxhaven, three new interns have been added: a commercial office clerk, an electrician and a construction technician. Moreover, in Cuxhaven, four welders and two additional electricians are being trained.

On 9 August, the new interns had the opportunity to ask questions of the management of NPorts, to get some information about their employer and to engage in an exchange and discussions with their new colleagues and their fellow interns.

“Good training is very valuable to us. NPorts offers a modern training experience that gives young people what their need to competitive in the employment marketplace,” said general manager Holger Banik on the occasion of the fourth “Internship Day”.

The interns could personally experience that the internship offers a solid perspective. It was announced that the industrial technicians Thees Wilken and Sven Grunemeyer and the ship mechanic Jann Ites would remain with the company as skilled workers after successfully concluding their training certification program.

In order to internalize NPorts‘ ethos of sustainability and personal and professional development from day one, the interns can take part in a Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) continuing education program to become “Energy Scouts“. In small project teams, the interns are supposed to develop and implement opportunities to save energy in their respective businesses. “The project work is designed to be engaging, especially when internship workshops are involved that have a concrete relationship to a given workplace environment,” said NPorts personnel manager Sabine Nitschke.

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