Timo Schön Visits Cuxhaven

New Managing Director of Seaports Meets Board of Cuxhaven Port Association

copyright: Joachim WöhlkensAfter succeeding Inke Onnen-Lübben as manging director of Seaports of Niedersachsen, Timo Schön is on course to individually visit the nine Lower Saxon seaports. On 16 August, he was in Cuxhaven as a guest of the Cuxhaven Port Association  (HWG), which had invited him to its 234th board meeting.

There, Timo Schön discussed the port of Cuxhaven and the work of the HWG. The managing director of Seaports, who knew the lay of the land from prior visits, was visibly surprised considering the enormous developments which the port has experienced in recent years.

Timo Schön expressed his thanks for the warm welcome: “Cuxhaven is developing persistently and is perfectly adapting to ever-changing, new market challenges. It is a logistics hub with a wellness factor which generates strong potential for customer loyalty. I’ve felt very welcome and I also look forward to future, close cooperation with the HWG and its members!”

“It is our intention to intensively continue the previous, successful partnership with the Seaports of Niedersachsen under the new leadership of Mr. Schön, in the spirit of mutual trust. For this reason, we’re glad that Mr. Schön, a recognized expert in maritime business, was appointed to this important position as a successor to Ms. Onnen-Lübben,” added HWG board chairman Hans-Peter Zint.

Not far from the Alte Liebe, in front of the Hamburg Lighthouse across from the offices of HWG member DFDS, a picture taken together commemorated the occasion.



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