“The cooperation between HWG and UVC is a successful project”

Interview with Markus Heinig, Managing Director of the UnternehmensVerband Cuxhaven Elbe-Weser-Dreieck e. V. (UVC)

Copyright: UnternehmensVerband Cuxhaven Elbe-Weser-Dreieck e. V. (UVC)Mr. Heinig, how would you describe the duties and responsibilities of the business association of Cuxhaven?

The UVC is one of the first employer associations in the post-war period. The association has been representing the interests of companies of all economic branches in the North-West of the Elbe-Weser triangle since 1946. The UVC stands for ensuring and promoting good working and business conditions. For this purpose, our association concentrates on representing business interests in public and at institutions.

Additionally, as employers, our members are counselled in labour and social law and also represented in and out of court. The legal representation is carried out by two fully qualified lawyers specialized in labour law. Jan Mittelstedt, syndic in the UVC, and me are the two lawyers in the association. Furthermore, we strengthen the region of Cuxhaven by cooperating on state and federal level with other employer associations in Niedersachsen, and with institutions nationwide.

The UVC currently has 150 member companies from nearly all regional business sectors. Our members are divided into 15 business groups, which conform to the represented branches of the UVC, e.g. "port industry", "fishing industry", "metal industry", "new energy" and "hotel and catering industry". We are proud that, right from the start, the association was able to represent all business segments and act as their spokesman. This function will remain a key task for us in future.

What events does the UVC plan for this year?

Besides the previously mentioned collaboration with different regional associations and institutions, the UVC regularly arranges HR manager groups, seminars in labour law and regular meetings for entrepreneurs.

Recently, we organized a movie night at the "Bali"-cinema, which is also a UVC member. Shown were movies produced by the Economic Development Agency of Cuxhaven, e.g. the image film "Offshore and Maritime Industry Park Cuxhaven" and other movies, i.e. relating to the fishing industry. The movie night had 61 very interested participants. Events like this provide an excellent basis for information exchange, are a forum for new ideas as well as a good opportunity for networking.

In addition, we host regular business-talks with our Lord Mayor Dr. Getsch and District Administrator Mr. Bielefeld as well as our traditional annual conference, which regularly takes place in fall and presents highly notable guest speakers from politics and business.

How would you evaluate the business development in Cuxhaven and how do the HWG and the UVC affect it?

The maritime economy is among the most important segments in Cuxhaven. In the fishing industry alone, more than 40 businesses employ approximately 1600 people. Cuxhaven is the biggest fishing location in Lower Saxony and delivers its fish products all over Germany and even within Europe. Clients are, for example, wholesales, supermarkets and fish markets. Fresh fish and seafood are highly desired and favoured by our tourists. Furthermore, Cuxhaven has an ideal strategic location and has an excellent port infrastructure, which provides ideal conditions for cargo handling, logistics and transportation tasks, as well as attracting businesses from the offshore industry.

While in the last few years new settlements for offshore business were difficult because of the open discussion regarding the EEG feed-in tariffs, recently announced new projects bring hope for new business settlements. The wind energy industry holds great potential for the region, not only by attracting new businesses to settle down but also by providing jobs and therefore motivating young people to move to Cuxhaven.

The cooperation with HWG is of high importance for the UVC. The HWG and its competent and committed managing board support the local development of the maritime economy actively, contributing enormously to the creation and preservation of jobs, both in the city and the surrounding region. This is what the UVC identifies with.

The UVC supports and welcomes the efforts of the HWG in working to establish the best possible conditions for the local maritime economy, which will generate economic growth and additional jobs. Thus, the UVC endorses the expansion plans for our port with the construction of LP 4 (Berth No. 4) and of other port projects, and in general the gradual, overall optimization of the transport infrastructure of the“Cuxland” for ensuring a powerful and unobstructed traffic flow.

The cooperation between HWG and UVC is a successful project. For the future, we will continue to cooperate with the HWG and other regional industry associations and institutions in order to ensure the sustainable welfare of the local economy.


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