• Niedersachsen Ports gets 13 new trainees

    New workers are reinforcing the sites in Cuxhaven, Emden and Brake

    Die neuen Auzubildenen bei Nports. Copyright: Niedersachsen PortsThis year, once again, HWG member Niedersachsen Ports (NPorts) welcomed its new trainees on 22 August for their “Trainee Day” at the Oldenburg headquarters. At present, 13 young individuals have begun their work in different fields at sites in Cuxhaven, Emden and Brake. The breadth of their traineeship programs goes from commercial facets like office management to technical aspects like industrial mechanics. In the context of the Trainee Day, they are being officially welcomed into the company. Emily Koop is one of them. She is starting a three year traineeship at NPorts in Cuxhaven to become an electrician for real property and infrastructure systems. For Emily Koop, the traineeship at NPorts is just what she was looking for: “After school, I wanted to do something in the trades. Luckily, I was good in math and physics. That helped me apply for a traineeship at NPorts.”

    A sound educational foundation is an important element of success for Niedersachsen Ports. Holger Banik, managing director of NPorts, emphasizes the importance of new workers: “Their skills and ideas mean that trainees give our company a second wind. We all profit from that.” The trainees have the opportunity to complete their own projects. They are intensively supported while doing so, which promotes their personal strengths.

    The NPorts Trainee Day takes place once a year and services the purpose of welcoming new employees. But it also provides first impressions and allows for networking. Thus, the trainees have the possibility to get to know all the different business operations at NPorts. The trainees can, furthermore, personally meet management, the management team and the worker’s council and ask them questions. The youth and trainee representatives are also present on site and can introduce themselves.

  • Strengthening the Bond Between Schools and Business

    Cuxport and BREB present vocational options and the MAC Training Initiative

    Gruppenfoto auf der Terrasse Fa. Cuxport (Copyright: Cuxport)During mid-May, the School/Business Working Group of the Cuxhaven Business Association (UVC) visited Cuxport, a member of the UVC and of the Cuxhaven Port Association (HWG). While on site, the UVC delegation gathered information regarding the possibilities of intensifying the cooperation between schools and business. In addition to this, the participants were given insights into the structures of Cuxhaven‘s portside business as well as information regarding vocational jobs in the port of Cuxhaven. To this end, Oliver Fuhljahn, Head of Automobile Logistics, and Managing Director Michael de Reese presented the terminal operator Cuxport while Wibke Ehlers of BREB Cuxhaven & Co. KG introduced Cuxhaven’s Maritime Training Initiative (MAC).

    Cuxport informed participants, which included i.a. teachers from city schools and representatives of various other regional agencies and organizations specializing in vocational training, about Cuxport’s offer for vocational training as specialized worker in port logistics or as computer and/or office administrative assistant. “Our goal of such training is to keep the successful apprentices in the company later. In the last ten years, Cuxport trained and took over 32 persons as permanent employees. At the moment, we have 10 apprentices in training,” said Michael de Reese. Cuxport presently employs 220 permanent staff and around 20 temporary workers. The company is part of the Rhenus Group; as such, employees have the opportunity to gather professional experiences globally at Rhenus offices.

    Wibke Ehlers, human resources director at BREB GmbH & Co. KG, subsequently presented other vocation possibilities in the port of Cuxhaven. In order to keep young people up to date about the port and shipping industry in Cuxhaven and its possibilities, BREB initiated the establishment of the Maritime Training Initiative (MAC). Further, this initiative is promoted and supported by the Lord Mayor of the City of Cuxhaven, Dr. Ulrich Getsch, the vocational training schools in Cuxhaven (BBS), the Chamber of Commerce of Stade, the HWG, the Nautical Club (NVC) and the State Maritime Academy of Cuxhaven.

    Presently, 14 Cuxhaven port-based businesses are part of MAC. The goal of the initiative is also to enable the trainees to have the theoretical portion of their training in vocational institutions close to home. Meanwhile, the initiative has already been successful in enabling local training for the school portion of the shipping clerk training to be performed at the BBS in cooperation with the State Maritime Academy of Cuxhaven, starting with training course 2018. “Thanks to the energetic efforts of the participating companies, this year additional apprenticeship possibilities were created. In this way, it was possible to continue this school program,” reported Wibke Ehlers. “The trainees receive a general business curriculum from the BBS and, at the premises of the State Maritime Academy of Cuxhaven, they learn the more specific maritime insights. Such a joint program is unique in Germany.”

    Further information and current open job postings can be found at